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Project Management


Stunning stands at exhibitions are the result of a sequence of activities being a creative brief, a design, case studies, feasibility studies, calculation, presentation, re-design, working drawings, sampling… to the actual install at the intended show or exhibition. When working globally you will have to add transport, local health & safety rules, time zones, labour rules and regulations and e.g. different voltage supplies to your points of attention. We need not explain that taking all these aspects and local rules in to consideration will only be a success if done by experienced and dedicated professionals.

For end-users / exhibitors or design agencies wanting to focus at what they are best in, Exposé could seriously be considered as the partner to make this possible. Close to 20 years of experience in successfully managing international projects of different sizes and complexity have proven to ensure ample time for its customers to focus on their core business.

Result: not only a stunning stand but, more important, a successful exhibition participation as well!