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Derde Westerparklaan 316
3544 NH Utrecht
T : +31 (0)641 909 689
E : info@expose.nl

About Exposé

Exposé is not a new name in the world of exhibition stands, portable presentation systems and advertising. After a start as reseller of portable presentation systems and supplier of system stands Exposé gradually developed in to a well known supplier of free design presentations from the early nineties until 2005. More recently Exposé became part of an entity also involved in reselling professional LED lighting products.

Starting January 2014 the new Exposé returns...

At this moment...

New corporate signage for Collewijn Berging & Transport - Utrecht

Last month Exposé has delivered a brand new signage for the building of Collewijn Berging & Transport. 

Stress on second part of the year 2014
The first half of 2014 is close to becoming history again. Perfect time to start planning for the second half of the year.

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